Today, being a logistics and transport business means being sustainable in every aspect. In recent years, this commitment has been widely proven and rewarded. The Valtellina Sustainable Logistics project, becoming the first company with SOSLog certification under the sustainable logistics protocol and, most recently, the acquisition of B Corp status, are just some of the goals achieved. In accordance with sustainable development guidelines, the Maganetti Group has continued to invest with the aim of implementing the Agenda 2030 goals.



Being a B-Corp

The Maganetti Group has chosen to become a Benefit corporation and has achieved B Corp Certification. Benefit Corporations represent an evolution of the concept of what being a business means. While the purpose of conventional companies is the payment of dividends to shareholders, the corporate purposes of benefit corporations include not only the generation of financial returns but also the aim of having a positive impact on society and the biosphere.

The Maganetti Group intends to pursue progress and growth in social and environmental as well as in economic terms. Quality transport and the provision of an efficient, top quality service are the primary goals to be pursued, on a daily basis, in a sustainable manner through careful monitoring of environmental impact, aiming constantly to reduce the fleet’s pollutant emissions and increase the use of advanced biofuels.

“We are aware that nowadays, the intrinsic quality of the transport service is not enough; how this quality is pursued and achieved is fundamental. That’s why we decided to include this in our articles of association, and make the Maganetti Group a benefit corporation.”


Our goals are clear and ambitious:

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reduction of vehicles’ emissions through the introduction of new technologies

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introduction of advanced biofuels (Bio LNG)

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regulatory compliance at both the company and the industry level

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engagement of all stakeholders in company processes


Maganetti’s commitment to environmental issues has a long, important history. The organisation has always been aware of its level of responsibility in balancing its operations. These are the projects in which we have played a leading role in the last decade.


Valtellina Sustainable Logistics

The LNG project originated from the long-standing partnership between Sanpellegrino, at its Levissima plant, and the Maganetti Group, the Province of Sondrio logistics leader. Both companies had already shown their community focus through the “Marchio Valtellina” environmental and social certification. Sanpellegrino was the driving force, supporting the project and assigning a proportion of its traffic to it, as well as assisting its drafting and development in both formal and logistical terms. The Maganetti Group provides the glue to the surrounding area, by creating the infrastructures and providing the competences required, transforming the industrial project into a community plan, and laying the foundations to enable all the Province’s industries and transport operators to enjoy direct, low-cost access to this technology.



Sustainable Logistics protocol

The Sustainable Logistics protocol is a benchmark model for the triple bottom line of environmental, social and economic sustainability applied to the logistics sector, created by SosLogistica. The “circular economy” approach, which sets out to conserve the Earth’s material heritage, biodiversity and primary resources (air, water, land, raw materials), is part of the model’s framework. The aim of the protocol is to objectively measure the impact of companies’ operations on the environment on the basis of shared social standards and to validate the financial balance of sustainability choices, i.e. their economic returns, in accordance with business standards.



The company’s relationship with the local community has always been a central consideration for the Maganetti Group. The company was founded and has grown around the Valtellina, with the aim on the one hand of connecting these mountain areas to the rest of the country in terms of logistics and freight, and on the other of creating local employment and supporting the district’s economic growth. The owners have been unswayed by the expansion of their business: although on the one hand it would have been advantageous to move their base and operations to a more “convenient” location, they have chosen not to uproot the company from its native area.


The third generation holds firm to the founding values and principles and above all continues to believe in the strong socioeconomic value of the business for the community.

  • economic support for the community, funding sporting and educational projects.
  • top management’s participation in society, with a strong involvement in industry federations.
  • participation in educational programmes with interaction with schools.
  • development of the local economy with the choice of nearby, long-established suppliers to share the company’s economic visions and its evolution.
  • community participation in company decision-making processes, sharing initiatives and engaging with the local area as a strategic stakeholder.


People are the central, fundamental factor for the organisation’s existence and the company’s goals can only be achieved through their dedication and professionalism. This is a founding principle for the Maganetti Group, which has always focused strongly on the development and safeguarding of its human resources, an invaluable asset.


Human capital

The stakeholder engagement implemented for the introduction of the company’s Sustainability Report has enabled the more formal structuring of a human resource management and development process built around people and their needs.

People are increasingly viewed as a strategic resource for the achievement of corporate success. Recognising people’s centrality and working for their empowerment in the workplace, enabling them to help to increase and improve the organisation’s results, encourages the management to look more closely at the processes and tools used to attract, retain and motivate workers.

Recruitment procedures adopt targeted policies to select and reward the best talents, prioritising those already within the company. Training plans a key role in personnel management policies, as a means of growing skills at all levels of the organisation.

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