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Maganetti Spedizioni spa is an all-Italian company owned by the Maganetti family which has operated in industrial logistics for over 60 years and is the first benefit corporation in its sector. As well its own fleet, entirely fuelled by LNG, the company works with a large number of affiliated road haulage firms, operating under a modern Network contract, which make up the Maganetti Group. The Group thus combines the benefits of large industrial fleets, such as full geographical coverage and a broad, guaranteed service, with those of small owner-driver fleets, such as customer-focus, flexibility and care for the goods transported, all under the leadership of a sound, innovative business with a very clear vision of its industry’s sustainability.



Over the years the company has developed a specific business model focused on customers’ needs: the standard road haulage service has been joined by leading-edge logistics services, annual and temporary product storage, intermodality, and analysis and reduction of its own and third-party environmental impacts. Every service offered by the Maganetti Group is assessed in accordance with the latest economic, social and environmental sustainability criteria. The Maganetti Group offers additional services as well as logistics: a truck repair workshop; a specialist customs company; the distribution of Liquid Natural Gas for trucks and passenger cars; and, since December 2019, the distribution of liquid biomethane produced from animal effluents and farm waste which, according to Italian Research Council (CNR) research, emits -104% CO2 compared to a latest-generation diesel, confirming its status as the first real “carbon positive” fuel.



Maganetti offers its customers transport and logistics services of excellence with the lowest environmental impact technically possible, supporting the territory and its local communities by pursuing profit with ever-increasing sustainability.

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Sustainability is the paradigm on which the Group is rebuilding its business model, to be a source of growth for its customers, its employees and its entire surrounding social fabric, right up to the national level. Work is increasingly focused on the economic sustainability of the supply chain. In-house production of biofuels to enable certification of every step in the supply chain and to guarantee a service to customers in the event of energy crises.
The group actively promotes the use of biofuels and the introduction of standards for their traceability. The Group plays an active role in the development of its sector in terms of social and environmental sustainability: a state-of-the-art logistics system is a strategic resource for the country and the entire national economy.



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All social interactions are conducted with complete transparency and clarity: this is the only possible basis for lasting relationships. This enables every player to appreciate the cost and weight of their needs and choose their own, individual economic strategy.

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Fairness and respect

The aim of the business is to create value: for customers, for the company, for ourselves, for society and for the environment. Fairness and respect are the principles that guide the company’s economic decisions, as a goal of our business and not a tool.

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Employee empowerment

People have always been not just the strategic key to the business’s success but also its purpose. Empowering different talents, personalities and visions is the strategic choice for getting the most from ourselves and others.

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Respect for the environment

We are committed to conserving and protecting the environment; we are a part of it and are responsible for it.

Yesterday and today

The world of industrial transport has always concentrated on a very clear economic and social paradigm: goods must travel in the times and by the means the customer requires, with the right balance between cost and efficiency. In the last decade, and especially in the last two years, it has become apparent that the challenge facing logistics businesses has changed: not only do they have to provide the service required, when possible, with the right cost/efficiency balance, but they also have to do so in a more and more sustainable way, in environmental and social as well as economic terms.

In 2016 the Maganetti Group took up the challenge with which the new economy faces all industrial concerns by launching its LGN project and rebuilding its business model on the basis of innovative sustainability protocols: reduction of environmental impact; choice of new fuels; stakeholder engagement to monitor the impact of its operations on the community and a focus on flows and processes, not only for the service but also for the people directly and indirectly involved in its delivery.

Over the years the company has stood out at the local, national and European level, by promoting a business model that embraces the social and environmental aspects of its operations while maintaining a strong focus on the cost/quality ratio. The first benefit corporation and the first European B Corp in its sector, the Maganetti group has developed an integrated sustainability plan based on Italian biofuels, and especially advanced Biomethane: in January 2022 it began to use 100% Biomethane at its filling station, thus promoting carbon-free transport as early as 2022.

Prizes and Awards

At the Ecomondo fair in Rimini, the CIB - Consorzio Italiano Biogas presented its “Study on atmospheric greenhouse gas and nitrogen dioxide emissions by the transport sector with diesel, natural gas and liquefied biomethane fuels”, promoted by the CIB in partnership with IVECO. Matteo Lorenzo De Campo, representing the Maganetti Group, was also invited to speak on the topic.

Cooperativa Speranza, Maganetti Group partner for biofuel production, was chosen by the Eba, the European Biogas Association, as recipient of its “Biogas Circularity” award. This prize establishes the Maganetti Group project amongst European best practices in the production and use of biogas.

Maganetti was placed in the top 100 at the Sustainability Awards, presented to Italian businesses that promote “sustainable, inclusive, stable growth”. This prize is based on a rating that assesses commitment to sustainability, issued by Altis Università Cattolica and Reprisk. 

Transporeon, one of the biggest transport logistics platforms, awarded the Maganetti Group the title of “Most Visible Carrier of the Year”, assigned to the companies which provided the highest level of transparency in the freight services provided.

The Maganetti Group received the MDT Award, sponsored by Il mondo dei trasporti magazine for businesses which adopt innovative working procedures. The MDT Awards were presented during the “Vega Day”, a day of debate and discussion organised for logistics and transport sector companies.

Occupational safety, environmental protection, road safety, organisation and technology, ethical integrity and reputation. These are the points assessed for award of TCR status, achieved by the Maganetti Group. “Transport Compliance Rating” certification is the first international assessment model specifically developed for the transport sector.

A goal achieved with immense hard work and the start of a new adventure. The Maganetti Group has received official certification making it the fifth B Corp in the Province of Sondrio and the first in Europe in the logistics sector. B Corp, or B Corporation: companies which are rewriting the approach to business, because day by day their operations create a positive impact on people and the environment, while continuing to generate profit. How? By working in a responsible, sustainable, transparent way, for a higher goal than mere financial gain.

The Maganetti Group modifies its articles of association to include the goals which enable it to become a benefit corporation: the reduction of vehicle emissions through the introduction of new technologies; the introduction of advanced biofuels, encouraging logistics supply chains to think in terms of economic and environmental impact (BioLNG); compliance at both the company and the industry level; and the engagement of all stakeholders in the company’s processes.

In 2018 Gruppo Maganetti Spa was awarded the Sustainable Logistics Approval Mark, making it the first company authorised to display this certification on its vehicles. The Mark was awarded further to the validation procedure required by the operating protocol issued by SOS LOGistica and Lloyd’s Register.

The Valtellina Impresa Approval Mark is awarded to companies which meet specific Local Social Responsibility standards. Sondrio Chamber of Commerce has approved the Maganetti Group as complying with these objectives: its social responsibility (Fondazione Nuccia and Renzo Maganetti, support for sports and culture within the Province) and support for the local economy (use of local affiliated carriers, use of local suppliers) have been certified and promoted by this prestige approval mark.


Work for us

We are always looking for new professionals: skilled, flexible people, willing to embrace change. With a view to future recruitment opportunities, we always give serious consideration to the CVs of young people, new graduates and experienced professionals interested in joining our Group.

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